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Wössner Technology

Innovation, Research and Development

Wossner Pistons enthusiasm for innovation is based upon the belief that it is only possible to discover something new when you constantly question that which you already know. This is one of the reasons why we are actively involved in researching the properties of low friction surfaces and in developing new such materials. We are in close contact with the research departments at various colleges and universities and are currently carrying out a series of tests, together with a Swiss institution, into friction reduction. In close cooperation with the R&D departments at leading motor manufacturers we develop high performance prototype pistons.

Newest Technology in the Production Facility

In order to guarantee the highest quality Wossner Pistons production machines have been specially customised to meet our requirements and are constantly being further developed - the close cooperation between our engineers and the manufacturers is highly beneficial to both parties. In order to guarantee the precision and consistency of the end products, our CNC machines are housed in an air conditioned environment. Wossner Pistons expertise enables us produce one-off pistons to individual specifications - even designs with extremely complicated ovality.