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The Wössner Team

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John Noonan

John Noonan comes to Wossner with 19 years of dedicated forged pistons sales, design and technical service, John also has 27 years of racing experience from winning drag races to setting land speed records from California to Australia as well as a class championship in drag racing.

John is currently in 6 different LSR 200 mph clubs and to date has set not only track records however also FIM World records and has set over 50 records to date! Wossner welcomes John to the team and his responsibilities include sales, marketing and distribution set-up for all Wossner related sales outside of Europe as well as all tradeshow coordination and travel.

John's hobbies and interests include drag-racing, travel, land speed racing (LSR), engine building and working with other racers trying to reach their own goals. John's wife Michelle is also his crew chief, they also have a great dog "Rinkley" the very much animated Shar Pei who reports to work every day providing much entertainment.

Alex George

Alex George comes to Wössner as a true local boy. Born and raised in the city of Huntington Beach. Alex is a third generation drag racer and has built race engines alongside his father and grandfather bringing that experience with him. He is an established bracket racer with multiple class wins. You can find him racing at Division 7 events year round in his trusty Ford Maverick.

Although Alex is new to the performance industry he was formerly at a customer service based job for over 10 years. He is customer service oriented and his main goal is to make the customer's experience the best it possibly can be. Wössner welcomes Alex to the team and his responsibilities are customer service, shipping and inside sales.